Wednesday, 26 September 2018


1)living organisms are divided into 3 groups according to their respective diet habitat

1.herbivores organisms that feed on plants only

2.Carnivores organism that feed on other animals or meat only

3.omnivores organism that feed on plants and animals

2) Each herbivore, carnivores and omnivores have a set of digestive systems for them to digestion on foods that coincide with their respective properties.

3) According to science,human is considered as omnivores. As omnivores we can consume all plants and animals as long as it causes no danger or give no harm to our body.

4) The influence of religion also plays an important role in the nutrition of its adherents. For example, hindu religion prohibits its roar eating beef and the Islamic religion states that eating pig is illegal and sinful.

5) Let's look at the scientific point. The scientists assume that only toxic and harmful food that is forbidden . This means that pigs and cows can also be eaten by humans without any problems. See  many chinese people who eat pigs and cows! it is allowed by science because it is non-toxic and harmful.

6) But we see that there is a ban on eating certain meat in certain religions that are contrary to the laws of science.

7) Some even choose to be vegetarians even though they know we humans are omnivores.

Friday, 27 July 2018


1.What is ethnicity? the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

2. Firstly, I am a malay.By that definition of I'm a Malay is I speak the Malay language,I assimilates the Malay culture and I'm a Muslim and that's what makes me a Malay according to constitution.

3.On my Indian roots?Of course,in the past they were many people came here and intermarriage with the indigenous people and assimilates the indigenous culture and finally becomes a part of it.

4.If you look at my siblings all of them are intermarriage,they get married with the indigenous tribe such as my brother get married with the indigenous Perak Malays,My sister get married with the indigenous tribes called Javanese or Jawa and the same goes to my youngest brother which also get married with the Jawa tribe.

5.So,when they get intermarriage, we no longer use our culture,I mean the Malayalam culture no longer being practiced at home,no usage of Malayalam language at home and etc.So we're fully assimilating the Malays or the indigenous culture.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Anti Graviti Room

1.Apabila kita menonton filem sains mat saleh kita selalunya dapat melihat  mereka ini berjalan di bulan dalam sut astronount dan gaya jalan nya seakan terapung-apung.

2.Antara sebab mereka terapung-apung ialah kerana tiada nya daya graviti.

3.Pada awalnya,saya tidak percaya.Saya beranggapan bahawa ini semua ciptaan mat saleh.Orang terapung la, apa la.Semua ini ciptaan mat saleh,ini

4.Sehinggalah satu ketika saya menyertai rombongan sekolah ke planetrium sains negara di Kuala Lumpur.Saya dapat memasuki sebuah bilik iaitu anti-graviti room.

5.Ya, saya masih ingat.saya bersama rakan- rakan Rahim,faiz ,fatimah dan beberapa orang lagi memasuki bilik tersebut.Dan kami berada dalam keadaan yang seolah terapung- apung di dalam bilik tersebut.

6.Jadi selepas ini,kalau tengok cerita mat saleh jalan kat bulan dalam keadaan terapung-apung janganlah kata ia mengarut.Kerana Hukum graviti itu memang wujud .

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

OH My Economy!

1.The reports in the local papers attracted my attention.The article which attracted my attention is about a study shown 63% of malaysian students described their country economic situation as very bad or somewhat bad.The study somehow includes students from various fields not only the economics but also from science and other fields.

2.Not being an economist or a financial expert ,I always feel inadequate when dealing with this subject.I am sure you will find me quite naive.

3.Here's the truth ,I am a science student since I was in secondary school and then further my studies in Diploma in science and Diploma in Radiography.

4.I remember when I took my phatology examination.I read the pathology book.I dont know how many times.So much so,when I was answering the questions,I could actually see the pages and see the illustration.So it was easy for me to just extract from what I saw,which already in my mind.So when you do it repeatedly ,it is possible for you,without any effort really,not trying to memorise,I didnt try to memorise.But I looked at the page,I read the page over and over again until,somehow or other it became a picture in my mind.

5.Since I am without formal training in economics and finance,I have to fall back on the oldest approach to understanding a subject or problem,ie by reductio ad absurdum.It has always proven,at least to me, a formidable weapon of logic and almost never fails.

6.There is a saying in Malay, 'Jika sesat jalan,balik ke pangkal'-if you are lost,return to the beginning.My economics is consequently very low or basic since I never learnt anything about economy before

7. I hope you will excuse me if sometimes I state the obvious,I think the economics students should be the one who talks about economy not a science  student!

Monday, 23 April 2018


1.Filem dan cerita yang paling popular dikalangan orang melayu ialah berkenaan hantu,pelesit,toyol,pontianak,orang minyak dan berbagai mahluk ghaib.

2.Mereka amat mempercayai adanya mahluk ini dan kekuasaan luar biasa mereka keatas manusia.Mereka diberi kuasa yang kadang-kadang menyamai tuhan yang mereka sembah.Malah kadang-kadang takut mereka terhadap hantu ini lebih berbanding takut mereka terhadap Allah swt.

3.Kerana takut dan percaya akan kuasa hantu-hantu ini mereka sering mengadakan acara yang di campur aduk dengan agama yang kononnya boleh melindungi mereka daripada diserang oleh hantu jembalang.

4.Banyaklah acara yang tidak betul dilakukan termasuklah menanam telor,menyimbah air atau mengantung botol di sudut-sudut tertentu bagunan bagi tujuan kononnya dapat melindungi daripada hantu.Bomoh-bomoh memperoleh keuntungan yang besar melalui cara ini.

5.Dalam Al-quran tidak ada sebut berkenaan hantu.Yang disebut adalah shaitan,iblis dan jin yang suka memesongkan orang islam daripada membuat suruhan Allah swt.Iblis dan shaitan boleh di sangkal dengan membaca ayat-ayat tertentu yang boleh mengukuhkan semula iman.

6.Ingin saya cerita mengenai perkara yang terjadi kepada saya suatu ketika dulu,ada beberapa ustaz mengatakan saya digangu oleh jin dan kemudiannya mendapat rawatan di pusat perubatan islam.Banyaklah ayat-ayat quran yang dibaca untuk mengeluarkan jin tersebut.

7.Persoalan samada benarkah saya digangu oleh jin dan tentang ustaz-ustaz yang dikatakan boleh berkomunikasi dengan Jin ini boleh anda baca dalam artikel berikut

8.Yang anehnya mat saleh tidak percaya kepada hantu atau mahluk halus ini tidak dikacau oleh hantu-hantu ini.

9.Saya percaya akan kejahatan manusia dan betapa ganasnya mereka.Tetapi saya tidak percaya dan tidak takut kepada hantu -hantu ini.

10.Dengan kenyataan ini adalah percubaan oleh orang tertentu dengan ilmu ghaib mereka untuk mengajar saya.Saya cuma akan menuntut pertolongan dari Allah swt terhadap orang seperti ini.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Mahluk Ghaib

1.Seringkali saya terdengar bahawa kanak-kanak yang  yang baru lahir hingga berusia 2 tahun boleh nampak benda ghaib.Benarkah?

2.Ada cerita,ketika bayi lahir,bayi dilahirkan bersama qarin(sejenis mahluk ghaib).Qarin aktif ketika menyusu 2 tahun kebawah,maka tidak pelik ketika ini bayi boleh nampak benda-benda ghaib.Benarkah cerita ini?

3.  Ada juga pendapat mengatakan penyakit-penyakit seperti gila,sopak dan strok adalah berpunca daripada mahluk ghaib seperti Jin.Contohnya,strok sejenis lumpuh yang ada jin merah dalam badan.Manakala saka kebanyakkan mengalir dari sistem darah.Benarkah?

4.Bagaimana pula dengan cerita bahawa adanya malaikat di bahu kiri dan kanan kita yang sentiasa mencatit amalan kita seharian walaupun kita tidak nampak.

5.Sebenarnya tidak ada orang luarbiasa yang boleh lindungi kita daripada mahluk ciptaan mereka.Yang boleh melindungi kita ialah Allah s.w.t.Ini dinyatakan dalam al-quran surah al-jinn ayat 26-27.

6.Bukankah aneh apabila orang yang kononnya boleh melindung orang lain dari mahluk halus,apabila sakit mencari doktor juga.

Thursday, 5 April 2018


1.Is it democratic to have the same party returned time and time again?some say it is not democratic.They say a democratic country must see frequent changes of government.Will the  future see such changes?It is possible of course.Many are already saying that we need a change,we need a new goverment merely for the sake of change.

2.Changing goverment may be considered democratic but it is very disruptive.It affects a country's development adversely.Again we have to consider whether we want democracy for its sake or we want democracy for the good that it can deliver.

3 Elections may not result in the best candidates winning.Bribery,thuggery,badmouthing,religious trickery,nepotism and numerous other unsavoury ways can bring victory to the candidates least suitable to lead a nation.

4.In Malaysia,it is not only information that influences us in making decision.Sometimes we make decisions quite blindly based on our race and our religion.With this kind of mentality,information will not work very well.

5.There is no way a goverment can please everyone.But still it must try to do so. This it can do if it is committed to  upholding justice and fair play.Even the opposition must be given their due.Favouritism and abuses of power have to be avoided.

6. People as a whole must understand the workings of democracy.Ultimately,the need is for mindsets and cultural values compatible with democracy.It may take time.It may fail repeatedly even.But patience would be needed.Just wanting to be democratic is not enough.

7.Democracy is not an instant formula.It took 200 years to develop to its present form.Even then it is far from being perfect.After all it is a creation of the human mind.