Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Jews

1.Recently,I had watched a video about The jews and akhir zaman.Let me share some of the knowledge that I had gained by watching the video.

2.The Jews claims they are the chosen people of god.Despite being persecuted by the europeans christians who accused them of the crucifixtion of christ,despite being forced to live in ghettos in europe,despite having to endure periodical massacres by europeans,The Jews never ceased to believe that they are superior beings who are the chosen people of God .

3.From perspectives of Islam ,the most important event remaining to occurs in history is the return of Jesus(nabi Isa).But our prophet muhammad had said before Jesus return the antichrist will seek to impersonate him(Jesus).

4.What we're living through now is actually an effort from antichrist to prepare himself for that moment when he going to appear and from jerusalem proclaim himself to be the messiah but he would not be the messiah.He will be the false messiah.

5.There were several things that the antichrist must do to convince people that he is the messiah.Firstly,He will have to liberate the holy land for them.Second,He will have to bring them back to the holy land to reclaim it as their own.Third,He have to restore the state of Israel in the holy land and lastly,He must ensure Israel become the rulling state of the world(pax judaica).

6.We can now understand that Pax britania and Pax americana were meant to paved the way for Pax Judaica.

7.The Quran say the holy land were given to the israelites people,to the Jews.But the quran goes on to explains that the holy land were given to them conditionally that they have to be righteous in conduct and worship only one God(Allah swt).

8.If the Jews believes that they are the superior people of God that means they were wrong! All human being wil stand infront of lord God as equal in his sight.The white,the black,the brown,the yellow,none can claim superiority over another.